ADAM of The Adam’s Run Chimed In!

Jordan Ercit PhotoFor those unfamiliar with Adam’s stature, he is THE ONE who invented the Hydrocut!

Adam has since moved onto greater things, but his presence will never fade from the Hydrocut.

This is what he had to say about the latest initiative:

“Hey Igor,

I still remember the first time I rode the Hydrocut and all the great rides I had there growing up. The early trails I built were -from what I know now having lived and built on the North Shore for so long – terrible in not only construction but line choice as well. But even the first trails out here went through an evolution of mistakes and solutions. Still I feel a sense of pride in having at least helped start what is now a fantastic trail system. I also still care for the trails, heck, my name is one of them. As such I lend my support to you and Dewar to take care of them properly and with needs of all levels of users in mind.

I’ve not been a part of the WCC in a long time and havent been a part of any trail days or experienced any of the politics surrounding them so I can’t really comment on that aspect.

Thanks for asking for my input and good luck!


North Vancouver, BC”


My response:

“Hi Adam,

It’s great to hear from you and to get you approval!

I am not sure when was the last time you’ve been here and rode in the Hydrocut. It evolved incredibly over the years. Exploring the¬†¬†website would give you some idea about what it’s like these days. As the trail system was growing around the Adam’s Run, that trail slowly faded out of interest, till it became the least favourite one in the eyes of most riders. Being an independent loop, people even started leaving it out of their rides. Then, two seasons ago, we completely revoked it, and now Adam’s Run is definitely THE most favourite trail again! It still has some of the original flavour though. Once in a while when riding this trail, a glimpse at your original white markings on the trees takes me to that life changing moment, when way back in the day I discovered this wonderful place!

Cheers, Igor”

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